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 Local H - Twelve Angry Months

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PostSubject: Local H - Twelve Angry Months   Thu Dec 04, 2014 1:57 am

Local H is alternative rock band from the 90s. Their album 12 Angry Months is a concept album about experiences pertaining to the breakup of a relationship. Each track corresponds to a month in the year after the breakup.


1. "The One with 'Kid" (January)
2. "Michelle (Again)" (February)
3. "BMW Man" (March)
4. "White Belt Boys" (April)
5. "The Summer of Boats" (May)
6. "Taxi-Cabs" (June)
7. "24 Hour Break-Up Session" (July)
8. "Jesus Christ! Did You See the Size of That Sperm Whale?" (August)
9. "Simple Pleas" (September)
10. "Machine Shed Wrestling" (October)
11. "Blur" (November)
12. "Hand to Mouth" (December)

My review:

I enjoy the overall grungy sound (lots of great guitar parts) and different musical elements. I like how each song is unique like the months in a's an interesting concept and the lyrics really add to it.
It's weird, kinda like how the months of the year each have its own attitude, and on how seasons go, the music has that feel--like how December has a spacey cool feeling or how June and July are warmed with a more aggressive kinda displays the extremes in the music..

I don't really hear the alt. rock, but I can easily see how this could easily get lumped into the grunge category--and it doesn't help when the singer sounds Nirvana-esque (at least to me) It's that overall 90s sound that underlines all those bands at that time..But anyway, I feel that these guys can still stand on their own and be enjoyable listen for sure.
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Local H - Twelve Angry Months
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