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 Once upon a time

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PostSubject: Once upon a time   Sun Nov 23, 2014 10:13 pm

So I wanted to write about one of my favorit tv-series at the moment which is Once upon a time (as you probably understood by the title). The TV-series is about a girl Emma that come to a small city named Storybrooke. Her son that she gave up for adoption takes her too Storybooke because the town needs her. The people in the town are from different children stories like Snow white, Robin Hood, Frozen and other stories! So she is sent there to help them cause the Evil Queen has put a curse on the people.

I really love this series cause I love all of the disney movies and other children stories. And in the series you get to see your favorit character but as human and in a new environment. And it's so nice to follow all of the characters and se how they change throughout the seasons! One of my favorit character is called Rumplestiltskin aka the Dark one aka Mr.Gold. You can really se how he changes throughout the series! But I also like the Evil Queen, Hook, Robin Hood, the Snow Queen or actually almost all the big characters haha!

Does someone else watch Once upon a time? If you do what do you think? Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Once upon a time   Mon Nov 24, 2014 12:30 am

Rumplestilskin. Smile Could you keep a straight face while writing that? Haha.

I haven't watched it but I've seen the commercials (for the first season whenever that one was) aaand I noticed that Silas Weir Micthell was in it, and guess where he's also starring? ;D You got it (probably not) Prison Break. Smile

^Only now I noticed he isn't (he's in the Grimm stories series).... Emilie de Ravin is though, she who played Dominic Monaghan's character's girlfriend in Lost. Claire!

Anyway, it's a fun idea to bring them all together (the Disney characters), if they actually do fit together in the same serie? Are they all having an active role in the story or is it more that one episode is about Snow white, the other episode is about the red hood etc?
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Once upon a time
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