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 VNV Nation - Of Faith, Power and Glory

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PostSubject: VNV Nation - Of Faith, Power and Glory   Wed Jul 30, 2014 2:11 am

About: English/Irish electro-industrial band formed 1990. This album was released in 2009.


1. "Pro Victoria" (2:21)
2. "Sentinel"  (5:27)
3. "Tomorrow Never Comes"  (5:08)
4. "The Great Divide"  (5:14)
5. "Ghost"   (5:03)
6. "Art of Conflict"  (6:39)
7. "Defiant"  (3:43)
8. "Verum Æternus"  (6:02)
9. "From My Hands"  (4:36)
10. "Where There Is Light"  (6:20)
Total length:

So here's my comments on the album, track by track:

It was the first time I'd heard (of) 'em, and they were a pleasant discovery. ........

1. I like the dramatic intro. It feels big. Makes one eager to hear the story.

2. One doesn’t really expect the electronical music, but the kind of rockish feeling makes it much more enjoyable and somehow experienced, rougher, than the house electronical kind of music. The vocals feels bright and lift it up, even brings the thoughts to something like a trailing Nickelback. He feels genuine, a bit worn out - which gives him some sort of deepness. I imagine him in front of me in every track.

3. The electronical sound strikes you even though you know it’s an electronical music album. I get the feeling ”industrial electronical rock” haha. It wouldn’t surprise me if there really is something called that, probably not this though. The singer catches ones attention even more the longer you listen. A bit dramatic outcome of the song, enjoyable. After having listened through the album a second time, this is my strong and obvious favourite.

4. "Take away some of the electronical sounds and it sounds like any other popular rock song. Not at all bad though, but not the same dramatic impressive connecting feeling as with the previous ones." Haha that's what I wrote after the first round. "Take away the electronical sounds" haha. Acapella. But there's something in it though isn't it.

5. Thriller-like beginning. Somehow brings my thoughts to this song: ........... eh........ Until he starts to sing that is. I don’t know how he looks like but I picture this kinda worn out, slightly damp, still quite handsome/hot 40 something year old with darkbrown hair and four-day beard. I like it. I'm not drunk, Unfan. I like the sad drama in the song very much. In this one I actually did pay alot of attention to the lyrics.

6. Electronical it was. Nice vocal change just about in the middle of the album, to take a break and stop the singer's clear voice from being worn out. The lyrics reminds me of this song....

7. Back to the rocker sound. Somehow it feels like I’m listening to a rock concert and someone has putted something wierd in my drink, in a good way. I see the sweaty, long haired dude playing the electric guitar like crazy beside the singer on the stage in front of an ocean of jumping fans, while I’m just standing still and don’t really got the two things together. Slighty like watching a poorly dubbed movie, but where the dubbing is more impressive than the real voices (only it’s the music in this case).

8. Feels more distant. Not at all as sweaty and hot as before, but more a like a cool bubbling, floating observing journey - through water, space and an air travel on fast-forwarding above busy and unbusy ppl living their lives around the concrete world. (I haven't payed attention to the lyrics here as you might understand).

9. Ballad. Sentimental. Well, wants to sound sentimental. I guess I’m not in the right mood for it atm, it’s a very nice song but startles you a bit. I mean, did I just switch album? Somehow it feels a bit too sentimental for this album...? Or maybe it was a needed break from the pumped up electronicals (how many times have I used the word electronical now, I know there's more coming).

10. Before the ballad it felt a bit like rock inspired electronical music, while this kinda sounds like the opposite. He softened up a bit at the end, eh.

A quite enjoyable album.  I like the singer's voice even if floats on perhaps even too well which mostly makes you not pay too much attention to the lyrics.

Maybe this all would change after a third or fourth listen. But that's it for now anyway.
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PostSubject: Reviewing VNV Nation - Of Faith, Power and Glory   Wed Jul 30, 2014 10:55 pm


I've never heard of this band, and again it's another music genre I haven't really listened to, but at first listen I like it. I could easily have this playing in the background and enjoy it. It hits you well musically (despite the beats sound often repetitive) and it's quite captivating from the opening track. I find it catchy (dare I use that word?) with an 80s feel to it; the vocals a hint of a way toned down spacey like David Draiman (Disturbed). I don't know why he came to mind, that's just what first came into my head when I heard this guy's voice.

I think the music is more powerful than the vocals on the album, like it's doing more of the talking than the actual lyrics (which I will be paying more attention to on future listens)
Overall I think my favourite song on this album is probably Ghost (track 5). I liked the eerie darkness and dramatic feel of it. From My Hands (track 9) was a 2nd fav, probably the most emotional and different from the others almost to the point it seems strange that it's there, but I thought it was a nice change of pace.

btw, I really enjoy your comments on the album--I don't think I could be as quite detailed with the interesting visuals you provide, and the attention to each song is nice I think. As each track played, I read what you wrote about it and used it as sort of a listening guide, lol.
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VNV Nation - Of Faith, Power and Glory
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