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 Tomasz Stanko - Music for K (1970)

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PostSubject: Tomasz Stanko - Music for K (1970)   Wed Oct 22, 2014 6:23 pm

Tomasz Stanko - Music for K (1970)

Tomasz Stanko - Music for K

Ok, jazzish music has never been my cup of tea. To be honest it drives me mental and I don't know what do to with myself.
^That's just a pre-review so you know what I'm coming from when entering this album.  

I gotta admit I didn't listen it through the first time I put it on. I don't think it's bad in that sense that they wouldn't know what they're doing, 'cause I think they're very well aware of that and even though I find it chaotic it's an organized chaos, and there is something artistic in that. The fourth track was my favourite, but I could do with track 2 as well. They were calmer and had some mellow depth in it which was nice and appreciated after some hectic minutes before... When I was playing track 1 outloud earlier I was asked from the other end of the house what the hell I was listening at haha... It was a bit of an awkward moment, since I asked myself the same question. ..the song "Cry" did to me indeed sound like a crying baby. Maybe that was the intention. It stressed me out, and somehow I was also reminded of the somewhat uncomfortable children story about that tailless cat (that later was made into motion picture) and Asterix and Obelix's trip to the madhouse.

Reminding me of such things doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad thing though, 'cause for such situations it's perfect - and everything can't work everywhere. Actually, the more you listen to it the better it gets (I'm on track 4 again as I'm writing this so maybe I'd start pulling my hair if it was the 1st or 3rd track) - or I've just gone so mental I don't realise it anylonger - in a way that you're able to process it. It was an interesting choice for sure, and really another great different fresh contribution to the club. It's all about pushing each other's boundaries a bit isn't it. I've listened to this album 4 times now, that really is an achievement which I'm sure you understand after having read my introducing pre-review lines,  

Tomas(z) Stanko...  What a funny way to discover a new fav album. Is it a usual name?

It's like hearing how Peter No-Tail/Pelle Svanslös felt when he got to the upper ground of Americat.
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PostSubject: Tomasz Stanko - Music for K (1970)   Wed Oct 29, 2014 1:25 am

Jazz.......sadly something I've failed to like and understand. I've listened to some jazz in general, but this was the first time I was really, truly giving the jazz genre a good listen. So it was quite the experience....

I hear the fast paced jazzy beats in this album, and to me it feels like you are being rushed or more like something terrible is happening. The track "Cry" for instance--it was chaotic like, almost stress inducing for me in the beginning, even though the situation later was tempered with some mellow moments, thus in the end, making me really unsure on how to feel about it...confused maybe? No doubt that these musicians are professionals, but I felt the music was random, no structure from what I could tell; to me it was a lot of noise that made no sense and introduced lots of confusion to the point where your brain shuts down...I do think this music takes time or that it's very complicated to understand on a first listen, so I don't want to completely turn a deaf ear to jazz..

Overall, I can acknowledge the complexity of it, and it did get better with each listen, but part of me was a bit disappointed that I fail to appreciate the beauty that this music can offer. I attribute it to that it is simply something that is not for me. I can take some jazz, the occasional trumpet or sax, but it's more like a spice than an entire meal.
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Tomasz Stanko - Music for K (1970)
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