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 Mano Solo - La Marmaille Nue

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PostSubject: Mano Solo - La Marmaille Nue   Sat Aug 02, 2014 1:19 am

About: Released in 1993, this was the debut album for artist, writer and painter, Mano Solo (Emmanuel Cabut, 1963-2010)


1. La barre est dure (1:52)
2. Allo Paris (2:44)
3. Je marche seul (1:56)
4. Sacré cœur (2:37)
5. Chacun sa peine (2:22)
6. 15 ans du matin (2:28)
7. Pas du gâteau (3:08)
8. Julie (3:33)
9. Allez-viens (2:29)
10. Toujours quand tu dors (2:29)
11. Au creux de ton bras (3:14)
12. Le Monde entier (3:09)
13. La Lune (3:29)
14. On boira de la bière (4:05)
15. Trop de silence (2:57)
Total length: 46:26

My Review:

I'm only a beginner in the French language, so at first I was a little wary about how I would deal with the lyrics. Ha, obviously I understood like nothing, but that doesn't mean it didn't have its own charm. I think the French language is very beautiful, hence why I'm learning it to begin with. And even though I picked up like only 5 or maybe 10 percent of what he said, it was more motivational for me to keep learning French than anything else. And I have a feeling after I'm more accomplished in this language, I will be going back to this album and understanding it all the more to really enjoy it in its entirety....... Smile

So with no lyrics to really focus on, it was all about the sounds. I actually liked the sound of the singer. So even if you don't understand what he's saying, I feel there's a lot of emotion in his voice. The sound of the music has lots of character with the different instruments mainly summing up to an overall nice and smooth French kinda vibe. It's a great listen; not too hard on the ears. And it feels very deep and artistic. It made for a pleasant listening experience.... Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Mano Solo - La Marmaille Nue   Sat Aug 09, 2014 12:26 am

^Listen to it 100 times more with the lyrics in front of you and you'll start to get to know it by heart, then learn the translations... On second thought, maybe read the translations through once first.

I enjoyed this album mucho. I’ve listened to it at least 5 times now. It doesn’t bother me it’s in French, maybe ‘cause I’m used to listen to much music in languages I don’t know anyway - on the opposite I do think it could enforce one’s own interpretion and take on the songs when you don’t know exactly what they’re singing. The fifth time I listened I checked the lyrics though, ‘cause he made me interested. When I heard the first song and was introduced by his intensive voice I thought it sounded a bit depserate to give us what he wanted to say, very emotional indeed - honest and deep, as if he opened up for us. As Cheavy mentioned, it comes togehter beautifully with the artistic music. I loved him and the mellowness. I'll definately don't stop listening to it after this.

Without you, without me, without us, nothing.
On holiday in a country with walls too white
number or come up against the dark thoughts,
on the ruins of a dark court.
There are too, too much silence in my vacation.
Without talk, without calling you,
without writing to you, without choice,
expecting nothing, hearing nothing,
without understanding anything.
Without feeling your voice and your words on me.
Without hearing the music of your skin on my sheets.
There are too, too much silence in my vacation.
I have not seen your ass this morning out of our dirty sheets.
I have not felt your hand on my hair,
as to warm the dream.
Much less your breath on my neck,
me or your lips whispering a goodbye,
All this makes me think yesterday either.
In full light without a dark corner
too sincere to not be alone in the world.
Like a dog in the arena of my own desire,
I bark a breathless, I beg the end of the martyr.
But light clothes will never fire their glory
to make me touch the ground, cut the headlights
the band finished, I remain in the dark.
There are too, too much silence in my vacation.

Hello Paris it's so late
Fingers glued to the combined
I raise again with the hope
Talk to you I'm know
It gives me the blues
I can not help but to believe
Night fall his last shots
I will go through
I wanted something good
I wanted you to tell me just
And standing on the sidewalk
Every night I tell you
The history of tears street
In smelly bars looks moldy
And battered bodies
Hello is all over Paris
And damn I'm tired
I wanted something good
I wanted you to tell me just
Hello is all over Paris
You've taken everything even the desire
You do not remember anything
You forget a little more each morning
Your memory flows along the sidewalks
Drowning in my ridiculous desire
I wish everything is finished
I wanted
Everything is done
Hello paris
I wanted

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PostSubject: Re: Mano Solo - La Marmaille Nue   Fri Aug 22, 2014 1:49 pm

This album is one of my all-time favorites, one of the those you enjoy listening to without skipping a song. A good friend of mine is such a Mano Solo fan, we enjoy jamming to On Boira de la Bière every now and then. If I had to keep just one song from the album that one would be "15 ans du matin", this live version is very good!

Comme elle vient ~ Encore et encore
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PostSubject: Re: Mano Solo - La Marmaille Nue   

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Mano Solo - La Marmaille Nue
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