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 John Wick: Chapter 2

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PostSubject: John Wick: Chapter 2   Sun Jun 25, 2017 6:05 pm

Last night was movie night. And you all (eh, not really) knew this was coming: John Wick Chapter 2

^ They're going to need more guns...

Basically this movie is about a retired hit man wanting to be left alone. And no one will leave him alone. That's it.

But questions need to be answered:
How's the new dog? (He got a pit bull at the end of the first)
Are there even more head shots in this sequel?
How can they even make a sequel?!

It starts with John Wick finishing off what happened in the first; the re-acquisition of his old, die hard car that's got nine lives. Oh, and more importantly, to call a truce with the head honcho from the first. Well, check and check. That's done. So where is the story going?

The concrete hasn't even dried on the hidden rainy day hit gear when next thing we know, we get this Italian dude knocking on Wick's door and calling him in for a favor going around and threatening, "Hey, you have to do this hit job for me. Oh, and nice home btw. Too bad I have to blow it up, 'cause you're refusing this blood oath thing we have."

So now John Wick has no house, but thank goodness his loyal dog (that has no name) survives! And I guess it takes a house to blow up to convince a retired hit man to honor that blood oath I'm sure he is regretting by now.

So now is this the plot? John Wick has to do this thing for this guy and he can get out for good? Well, accomplishing that hit job was rather easy. Kinda handed to him really. It's what happens after is where the story (I think) finally begins and possibly can get more crazy.

Italian dude betrays him (shocker!) and now puts out an order to kill John Wick. So a bunch of little hit people are out to make a quick 7 million dollars. But John Wick is the guy you hire to kill the Boogeyman...

Is it a good movie? Eh, take it or leave it really. The way John Wick can kill a hoard of people is graceful. Like a beautifully choreographed dance. The background sub dubstepish trancy techno music is not unlike the first; accentuating that killing atmosphere.
And we started to get some chemistry between Wick and another hit man, Cassian.....Well, if you can call them silently shooting at each other in public places chemistry then yeah, chemistry! They also hinted at a past. In fact, the whole movie hints at John Wick's massive hit man past. Maybe they should make a prequel. Lots of implied history there...

It's your run of the mill action movie where one guy can kill so many and just keep on going. Like the energizer bunny that decides to go on a murderous rampage; or more like self defense. The man really just wants to be left alone. And if they would listen, everyone's life would get a lot less bloody.

I watched the first, so naturally I had to see the second. And based on how it ended, there's going to be a third, and no doubt a third review. Smile

Here, have some credits music

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John Wick: Chapter 2
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